Mrs. Gilliam's Class

HOMEWORK INFORMATION for 3rd Quarter from Mrs. Gilliam's Class
    Our class really struggled completing the weekly homework packet, so I have started sending home nightly homework Monday - Thursday.   The work is coming home in a organe or yellow folder. The response has been wonderful!  Please continue supporting and monitoring your child's homework efforts!  Graded work is also sent home in the same folder, so please look at your child's graded work as well.
CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR for 3rd Quarter in Mrs. Gilliam's Class
     We are now using a 25 point a week system for behavior for all students.  Students BEGIN the week with all 25 points. The points are on a "ticket" they keep with them.  They are repsonsible for managing the ticket without losing it.  They can lose ticket points  throughout the week when they break rules, participate in drama, hand in incomplete work, or forget their homework.  Students are warned they will lose a point, or several points if they continue to make poor choices, so their is grace given before points are lost.  At the end of the week, I have a drawing for a little prize for all the students who managed not to lose any points!  In addition,  if a student has 21 points remaining on their ticket, they will earn a small snack and if they have 18 points they can participate in a fun activity.  I have not sent home the ticket at the end of the week yet, but I am considering sending it home for you to see. I am also considering using DOJO to reflect their points.  Ask your child about the Ticket Points!  See what they have to say!
     We have been taking multiplication fact fluency tests all year.  When a student masters a set of facts, we say they are fluent with those facts.  Many students are struggling to pass these important milestones.   Please, please require your student to MEMORIZE all their multiplicaiton math facts up to 12 x 12.  Being able to "figure it out" or skip count up, or count on fingers is not fast enough to pass a timed test 
           Thank you for sharing your children with me, Mrs. Gilliam



 Heading One

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