About Pathway Academy

Pathway Academy is a FREE public charter school serving students in grades PreK-4 who live in Kansas City, Missouri.

  • Our school features a core curriculum of English Language Arts, Math, and Science. We integrate Social Studies and Science into English Language Arts and Math to provide students with engaging and purposeful instruction. Students also receive instruction in art, music, and physical education.
  • Our students participate in a blended learning model, and every student has access to a device each day.
  • Our school day is longer to provide ample time and learning opportunities for your student to ensure that they achieve all of the skills they need.
  • Students receive regular assessments to ensure academic growth and to verify that students remains on the right path to success.
  • We are a public school and we do not charge tuition.

Our Mission... Educate every student, every day, no excuses!

At Pathway Academy our mission is to ensure that all Preschool through fourth grade students achieve the academic skills, knowledge, and character skills to be set on the PATH to college. 

Our Vision

At Pathway Academy our vision is to provide an academically challenging, disciplined, and joyful elementary school to children of Kansas City, Missouri. Pathway Academy has an intensive focus on the acquisition of essential literacy skills. Pathway Academy holds scholars accountable for demonstrating excellent behavior by teaching them the character skills necessary for their success.

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Pathway Academy

2015 East 72nd Street
Kansas City, MO 64132

Phone: (816) 621-7100

Fax: (816) 621-7101