What's Happening this Month!


Students will continue reading from non-fiction books. They will explain message or moral, compare/contrast, ask and answer questions using text to support their answer.

Students will also summarize text using the 5 finger talk, ex: First, Next, Then, After and Last. We will also begin working with Non-Fiction novels.


This month with "Math in Focus" students will continue to focus on place value, adding and subtracting 1s, 10s and 100s from a two or three digit number. This will be a stepping stone to regrouping two and three digit numbers when subtracting and adding.  Examples are below:

10 less than 193=                10 more than 199=

100 less than 200=            100 more than 257=

 200 + 40 + 5 = 900 + 70 + 5 =

Two hundred fifty-five - thirty-five =

This Month’s Events

October 13th / 1st quarter ends
October 18th /Parent-Teacher Confer. 4:30 pm – 7:00pm
October 19th/Parent-Teacher Conference
12:30pm – 4:30pm
October 20th- NO SCHOOL


Literacy KC’s “Let’s Read”

❏    Thursday, October 5th from 6-7pm

Thursday, October 12th from 6-7pm


Character Trait for October


The behavior that leads others to trust.


Reading Logs!

Reading logs should be completed daily Monday through Thursday.

 Daily Behavior Log!

Please make sure logs are being signed daily. It’s important that students know parents are aware of how they are performing daily.

Also parents…if you could take a picture of your child reading in their favorite place at home and send to me.  I would certainly appreciate it. Our pictures will be displayed on our board.  My email address is.... nicole,hudon@pathwayaademy.net


Order forms will be sent out on Thursday, September 28th. The new flavor is RED VELVET!

The deadline for all money and orders to be turned in to me will be Monday, October 16th.