Important Dates for October:

       10/17: Field Trip to Pumpkin Patch (information coming soon!)
       10/18: Parent/Teacher Conferences from 2:30-7:00pm
       10/19: Parent/Teacher Conferences from 1:00-4:00pm
       10/20: No School!
       10/31: Fall Festival (check out our weekly newsletter for more                 info!)

Learning Updates! 

This quarter, we will be continue working on our writing our names and learning all of our letter sounds, as well as starting to memorize our sight words! Students are currently reading I Read Signs! Here are some things you can do at home to help your student with their names,

  • Practice writing our first and last names
  • Looking for letters on street signs
  • Sight word flash cards

In math, we are working on counting and sorting objects into groups. Students are working very hard to practice their numbers! Listed below are a few fun ways that you can practice multiplication at home with your student:

  • Count things around the house with your student. (Example: We have three eggs in the fridge, there are two family members, six buttons on a shirt...etc.)
  • Sort things (such as crayons or clothes) by color, size or which drawers they belong.
  • Write your numbers
  • Count cars as they drive by

We are working on kindergarten kindness this month. Our students are doing a great job sharing, playing together, and saying nice words to one another. Brainstorm with your student some other ways they can show kindness to each other. Ask them one good thing that happened at school today!


If you haven’t turned in your technology agreement form for our IPads, please do so ASAP. We can’t wait to get started on them!

Thank you for your support!