Ms. Sellars!

Ms. Sellars’ class is working hard!!

The end of the second quarter is fast approaching. It has flown by!
Fourth grade scholars are working hard on reading comprehension skills. We finished the novel
Esperanza Rising and are now reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie. I am so proud of their progress and of how many vocabulary words they have learned!
We are also learning all about figurative language and how to use it in our own writing. Using idioms, metaphors, and hyperbole makes writing so much fun!

In science we have learned all about animal habitats as well as our own personal habitats. We learned so many interesting things about animals and their needs. We are using that information to determine how we can lessen the negative impact on animal habitats from human activities. All of this new knowledge is motivating us to keep our environment clean and safe for both animals and ourselves