Ms. Means

 Ms. Means’ 1st Grade News Winter 

Important Dates for December

12/5: PreK-2 Holiday Concert! 6:30pm
12/18- 1 /2 Winter Break

Learning Updates!

This quarter, we have been working on our reading strategies and phonemic awareness in English Language Arts. We have also just started daily spelling and handwriting lessons. Here are some things that you can work on with your scholar  at home to help them:

  • Segment words (i.e. c-a-t: there are three sounds, then have student spell the sound they hear)
  • Have them read, identify, and write words with digraphs (sh, ch, th, wh, ck) and blends (bl, sl, cr, tr, pr, st, sk, etc.)
  • Have them read, identify, and write words with an r-controlled vowel (car, her, storm, hurt, girl, etc.)
  • Have them show and explain the different reading strategies we have practiced, while they read to you!

In math, we are working on addition and subtraction. Scholars are working extremely hard to master subtracting numbers up to 20 using different strategies and our number sense. Listed below are a few ways you can help at home:

  • Give scholar a number to equal the whole (1-20), then give one part and have scholar think of the other.
  • Create or find addition/subtraction story problems for your scholar to read and solve.
  • Have them change addition sentences to subtraction sentences, and vice versa. (5+3 = 8 to 8-5=3)
  • Have them practice adding three numbers (1-10) (i.e. 3+7+5)


All scholars in our class are using the Reading A-Z and IXL apps to practice their reading skills, and Zearn and IXL apps to increase their understanding in math.  Scholars are doing great at using our iPads in the classroom!


Please don’t forget to check your scholar’s backpack every night for important papers and/or homework! Also, would love to see all parents and guardians connected on our Class Dojo- it’s a great way to stay in touch and see what is going on in our classroom! Thank you for your support and as always, feel free to contact me anytime!