Greetings Pre-K, 

The first half of our school year was wonderful! We had many fun experiences, learned new skills, and developed a strong community within our classroom. It is important to finish the rest of the year by being on time, and attending everyday. I want to thank each parent and family member for the continued support of our class. 
We are currently in the middle of our Awesome Animals theme. Towards the end of January, we will begin a new unit titled Imagine It, Make It! 
Here are some of the things we are learning:
Writing our names (first and last), recognizing numbers and letters, identifying letter sounds, writing letters and simple words, intentionally drawing images to convey meaning, sorting pictures and objects, counting to 10 (and beyond), identifying numbers to 10, and recognizing/identifying shapes. 
As always, please reach out to me anytime! 
Mrs. Joyce