We have been super busy so far this year!  

In English Language Arts, we have been busy learning to spell and write our names.  We are also learning our letters and sounds.  We have begun to look at small words as individual sounds.  

In Math we have been focusing on counting.  Patterns and sorting have been introduced and we are working on simple addition facts.  We also want to write our numbers correctly.  

We have also been spending a lot of time building our community.  We want to work and play together every day without incident.  We want to treat each other with respect and foster a classroom community made of working partners in their education.  

Upcoming Dates:  Martin Luther King holiday (Jan. 21st), Valentine's Day Dance (Feb. 8th), KC Siymphony field trip (Feb. 12th), Conferences (Feb. 15th)

Please read nightly, do homework,  and check folders!  





     Transitional                       Kindergarten