Transitional Kindergarten

In Reading, we will continue our focus on the letters of the alphabet---writing them, sounding them out, and reading them.  We will also be working on writing our first and last names.  We are also learning to identify words in sentences.  Our biggest new topic will be rhyming.  We want to recognize rhyming pairs and extend them.

In writing, we will begin talking about and writing opinions  We still want to make sure our pictures match our thoughts.  We will also be working on transitioning from our "kid" writing to more "adult" writing with identifiable breaks for words.  

Important Dates

Dec. 5 ~ Class photo
Dec. 5 ~ Christmas Program 6:30 pm
Dec. 11 ~ Parent Party 5:30-6:30 pm
Dec. 15 ~ Pajama Party
Dec. 18 ~ Winter break begins


Please remember to check home folders daily for important information!

We continue to work on our math vocabulary.  We are also into our unit involving our community.  We are working on our directions and moving around maps.  We will continue to review shapes and counting.  We also will continue to work on recognizing patterns.